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Corporate Profile

Stitches Creation Inc. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Burnaby, in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Specializing in embroidery design and digitization since 1979, we are Canada's premier embroidery house providing graphic design, artwork creation, digitization, and embroidery related products and services. Our customer base includes a variety of companies and organizations spanning many industries.

Our Commitment

We believe that every client deserves a quality experience. We provide exceptional service and a vast amount of knowledge in the industry to create superior embroidery. It is important to us that you receive consistently outstanding service, and designs that are flawlessly produced each and every time. At Stitches Creation Inc., these are qualities that are never compromised.

The first priority of our customer service department is to ensure that you will be treated in a courteous and professional manner. Our friendly and highly skilled representatives are available to answer any questions regarding your individual embroidering and digitizing needs.

Our History

The key advantage of Stitches Creation Inc. is in its history and experience. Since 1979 we have been providing design, digitization, and embroidery service to thousands of customers across North America.

Twenty years ago, Stitches Creation Inc. started with standard technology which was slow and inaccurate by today's standards. Proper digitizing, trimming, and density were difficult to achieve, thus the digital department had to plan each stitch before the actual digitizing process.

Today, our top of the line embroidery machines use files developed with the latest digitizing technology to create flawless embroidery. We are able to embroider designs that were unthinkable twenty years ago and use our experience to bring digitizing, designing and embroidering to new heights.

Our Experience

Our professional and experienced team uses our technology effectively to create a flawless product for our customers. Our digitizers know what techniques and materials work together because they are able to identify all of the variables that have to be taken into account and from there, planned accordingly.

Our digitizing department consists of ten highly skilled in-house personnel who annually produce over ten thousand flawless designs that are ready to be embroidered. By creating a digital file that will yield a perfect image, the entire embroidery process becomes quicker, more efficient, and creates a higher quality embroidery- less thread breakage, less wasted materials, better detail, and better quality. That is what Stitches Creation Inc. stands for.

Our Guarantee

At Stitches Creation Inc., we work with our customers through each step to ensure that you get the best design and embroidery possible. We are confident in our organization, staff, technology, and methods. With outstanding service, knowledge, experience, and by creating a digital file that will yield a flawless design, we know we'll meet our customers' high expectations. Along with a reasonable price, delivered at the expected time, you will not have any reason to go anywhere else for your design, digitizing, and embroidery needs.

Here are the four essential qualities for a studio to produce extraordinary embroidered art, and ensure customer loyalty for years to come:

Artwork: The original artwork and logos must be crisp and clean. The final product can only be as definitive and detailed as the original artwork that was used to produce it. This does not mean that it has to be perfect on arrival. It means that the digitizing studio must possess the means and knowledge to detail and clarify any inconsistencies and correct any flaws.

Equipment: The most advanced design programs and machinery in digitizing and embroidery situated in a clean, climate-controlled studio. Together, with high quality in-house technical support, we are able to rectify any problems that may arise that can cause delays in production or distribution.

Digitizers: Experienced individuals who know exactly how to map and track a flawlessly digitized design. These individuals have complete and extensive knowledge and experience in graphic arts and in the embroidery process.

Turnover: The ability to not only digitize and embroider a design perfectly, but also to render, edit, and return the finished product to the client in a timely manner.

These are four key qualities that define what Stitches Creation means to our customers.

Our friendly customer service representatives are available to answer any questions regarding your order, its progress, and its delivery. We can have a quote for you within 2 hours.

Guaranteed work, delivered when you need it, at a fair price.


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